Cooking Together

Join Rooted Nutrition’s Andrea Potter who will share her approach to making nutritious, tasty plant-based meals in under an hour. You can cook along if you so choose. Ingredients list and recipes are provided in advance. More cooking classes are anticipated soon.

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Zoom Family Cook Along with Chef Andrea Potter

Join us for this hardy winter cooking class!

Thursday, January 19th


Andrea Potter of Rooted Nutrition leads us thorough a cook-along that results in nourishing Borscht (chunky beet and root vegetable soup)

And make your own instant noodles with wholesome ingredients. You can prep them ahead for quick and healthy, nourishing meals at work or home.

This class has plant-based and meat options.

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Previous recipes:

Sushi Sandwich and Energy Ball – Google Docs

Roasted Vegetable and Bean Spread Sandwich.docx – Google Docs

Brined Pickles Revised Mar 2021 (1).pdf – Google Drive

Pulled Jackfruit Burritos (make-at-home instructions).docx – Google Drive

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