Our Story

History of the Eastside Family Place Society

Eastside Family Place (ESFP) was founded in 1978 by Mary Boise and other committed volunteers in the Grandview-Woodland area. In April 1979, ESFP it was incorporated as a non-profit society.

During the six years that followed, ESFP occupied a number of different buildings along Commercial Drive. A massive letter-writing campaign by the community eventually led to a permanent site on the north side of Grandview Park. The portable with its purple door and gaily-painted cows opened in 1986 and served thousands of families over the course of sixteen years.

As participation in ESFP’s programs grew, so did the need for more space. In 1998 ESFP joined in partnership with Britannia Community Centre and through the support of myriad funders and community donors, a new building was constructed. Since moving into this beautiful space in 2002, the phrase, “Family Place saved my life” has been used many times to describe the passion that our participants feel towards ESFP.


It’s a great network of community. You feel supported not just by the staff, but by the people that are here.”

Parent participant