In-Kind Donations

I treasure this place. It’s been a huge relief to our family.”

Parent participant

From equipment to professional services, in-kind donations are a convenient way for some businesses to contribute to Eastside Family Place. We welcome donations of early-learning toys and equipment, books, art supplies, office equipment, children’s clothing, and other appropriate items. One of the most significant areas for in-kind donations is fresh food and food-staples. Eastside Family Place has a number of food programs and in-kind donations are a very valuable form of support. We are also very grateful to the local stores that donate gift cards so that we can buy much needed equipment and supplies and to the local stores that donate to our Children’s Clothing & More Sales.

If you are a business that would like to make an in-kind donation to Eastside Family Place, please phone Arlene English @604-255-9841 or email @ to discuss specific details.  The following list is some of the in-kind donations that we are always looking for:

Fresh foods for our food programs: fruits and vegetables; milk, dairy products and dairy alternatives; cereals, pasta, rice and grain products; proteins and vegetarian proteins; baking supplies.

Food staples for our Community Food Cupboard