Food Programs

Eastside Family Place’s food programs strive to address both immediate needs and promote longer-term food security goals. On a daily basis, nutritional supports are available for children and adults and a variety of food programs and skills workshops are offered throughout the year on topics that facilitate healthy eating and lifestyle choices.

  • Healthy snacks are provided during the Drop-In program and during parenting groups
  • Brunches or light lunches are served when available
  • Nutritious foods are accessible as needed
  • A Community Food Cupboard provides free access to food staples, for families that need extra assistance
  • Cooking workshops provide hands-on learning about nutrition, food budgeting, meal planning and related topics
  • A community garden provides hands-on learning opportunities about growing edibles in an urban setting and encourages sustainable practices
  • Occasional potlucks and cultural celebrations provide an enjoyable opportunity for participants to build community connections and share cultural traditions

According to the Dieticians of Canada, a poor diet and food insecurity can lead to a number of negative health effects in families, such as poor pregnancy outcomes, poor growth and development in children, learning deficits and poor school performance, increased illness, higher medical costs, decreased life expectancy, and heightened emotional stress (2011 Cost of Living in BC).

Food security is a priority at Eastside Family Place. As you are probably aware, Vancouver is an expensive city to live in – one the most expensive in North America. Vancouver’s high cost of living is taking a huge toll on families with young children. Moreover, ESFP is located in East Vancouver’s Grandview-Woodland neighbourhood, a community that includes a high percentage of vulnerable families that are low-income, single-parent, aboriginal, and newly immigrated or refugee. Child and family poverty is on the rise as rents and cost of living are continuing to increase exponentially.

Please donate to ESFP’s Food Programs

When you donate to ESFP’s food-security programs you are supporting the healthy development of young children and families in our local community. Please make a donation today. You can donate online here and designate your donation to a specific program, if you wish, or we will apply it wherever the need is greatest.

 We also welcome donations of food staples for the Community Food Cupboard.

Thank you to the local businesses that support ESFP’s food programs with regular donations:

Uprising Breads Bakery logo

Uprising Breads Bakery has been a regular donor for many years and continues to provide ESFP with monthly donations of bread and baked goods. These donations are very valuable contributions to all of ESFP’s food programs and the families we serve. Many thanks to Uprising Breads Bakery.

MOJA COFFEE provides us with ground coffee on a monthly donation. The parents and caregivers enjoy a cup of coffee while visiting with us and they appreciate it very much. Many thanks to Moja Coffee for the ongoing support.

If you have a business or know of a business that would like to make donations of healthy, nutritious foods to young children and families, please contact Arlene English or another staff member. Thank you

A healthy snack is served at each Drop-In session

Knowing that if I couldn’t feed my children in the morning there will be a breakfast that I can create at Family Place. Not just for my children, but for myself as well.”

Parent participant